The Cowards Who Looked to the Sky


  • 5 Sep.(Thu.)18:10/Conference Room(L-code:40926)
  • R18+ People aged 18 and older are eligible to watch the film.
  • Voice guide for visually-impaired
The Cowards Who Looked to the Sky
  • Japan/2012/142min.
  • Director:Yuki Tanada
  • Cast:Kento Nagayama, Tomoko Tabata
  • Distribution Company in Japan:TOKYO THEATRES COMPANY , INCORPORATED
  • This movie is exhibited in the 37th Toronto International Film Festival

A high school student Takumi meets a house wife Akemi and has an affair with her wearing manga costumes. One day, his classmate Nana says that she likes him and….This is a youth drama which shows life and sex delicately and frankly. A talented actress Tomoko Tabata challenged a bold sexual acting in this movie.

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