Nuchigafu :Voices from“Gyokusai-ba”of Okinawa


  • 5 Sep.(Thu.)14:30/Conference Room(L-code:40925)
  • Aichi Premiere/ Dir.Park Soonam is scheduled to show up./Japanese subtitles
Nuchigafu :Voices from“Gyokusai-ba”of Okinawa
  • Japan/2012/132min.
  • Director:Park Soonam
  • Distribution Company in Japan:Song of Arirang Production

Toward the end of World War II, many residents committed tragic mass death in Kerama islands, Okinawa where the US army tried landing. From the interviews to 27 survivors including former civilian employees in Korea, the film approaches the truth of the mass death under the name of Gyokusai (death of honor), forced labors and comfort women.

Nuchigafu :Voices from“Gyokusai-ba”of Okinawa Nuchigafu :Voices from“Gyokusai-ba”of Okinawa

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