The Lesson

  • Urok
  • Bulgaria, Greece/2014/107min
  • Director: Kristina Grozeva, Petar Valchanov
  • Cast: Margita Gosheva, Iwan Burnev
  • Screening Supported by Tokyo International Film Festival
  • Award: Won a Special Jury Prize in 2014 at Tokyo International Film Festival
Nade is an English teacher at a primary school in a small Bulgarian town. When a pupil in her class steals a wallet, she tells the children that stealing is a bad thing to do. She returns home to find that her husband is deeply in debt. The situation is so serious that if they fail to pay the bank by the set date, they will have their home attached. In her desperate attempt to avoid financial ruin, Nade borrows money from a loan shark. Without any hope to repay, Nade is now driven to yet another act of despair.