K’na, the Dreamweaver

  • 2 Sep. Wed. 18:00 Will Hall
  • Philippines/2014/85min
  • Director: Ida Anita Quito del Mundo
  • Cast: Mara Lopez Yokohama, RK Bagatsing
  • Award: Won a Special Jury Prize in 2014 at Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival
The T'boli indigenous group live near the beautiful Cebu Lake in Philippine's Mindanao. The film follows the story of its young princess K'na who becomes her village's new dreamweaver. K'na is in love with a young man in the village, but her father forces her to marry the son of the rivaling group's chief for political reasons. The striking beauty of the traditional weaving is another highlight of this moving film.

Director: Ida Anita Quito del Mundo

10 Kna director

Actress: Mara Lopez Yokohama

10 Kna Mara Lopez