Track 143

  • 1 Sep. Tue. 10:00 Conference Room
  • Iran/2014/93min
  • Director: Narges Abyar
  • Cast: Merila Zarei, Mehran Ahmadi
  • Screening Supported by NPO MOCT
The Iran-Iraq War which went on for eight long years in the 1980s reportedly killed one million victims on the Iranian side alone. Mother Olfat still waits for her only son Yonos who went missing after he left to fight. She still believes that Yonos is fine and will be back some day. A captive or not, all the mother ever wants is for her son to be alive. With Merila Zarei's outstanding performance as the mother and the ending that renders one speechless with its emotional impact, this excellent film will move anyone who sees it.