A Samurai Chronicle

  • 1 Sep. Tue. 13:30 Will Hall
  • Japan/2014/129min
  • Director: Takashi Koizumi
  • Cast: Koji Yakusho, Junichi Okada, Maki Horikita, Mieko Harada
  • Distribution: Toho Co., Ltd.
After being party to a vicious fight in the castle, Shozaburo Danno is ordered to keep watch over Shukoku Toda who, due to an alleged affair with the concubine of his lord, has been sentenced to death by hara-kiri after ten years in confinement spent compiling the history book for his lord's family. As Shozaburo spends his days with the older man, his respect for him grows, and he becomes convinced that he is not actually guilty of the alleged affair. He then finds an important secret that is behind the physical attack against the concubine which has caused Shukoku's penalty sentence. Actress Mieko Harada is brilliant in her portrayal of the beautiful, delicate wife.

Actress: Mieko Harada

02 higurashi no ki harada

Director: Takashi Koizumi

02 higurashi no ki director