Leap Year Girl

  • 4 Sep. Fri. 10:00 Conference Room
  • Japan/2014/88min
  • Director: Chihiro Amano
  • Cast: Emiri Kosaki, Kiyohiko Shibukawa
  • Distribution: ENBU Seminal Co., Ltd.
In a leap year in the 21st Century, actress Emi returns home for the first time in 12 years. Almost thirty but still far from being a popular star, she finds that the only thing unchanged back home is the view of old countryside. She finds all her friends older, properly grown up, and married with children. There are also matters to think of, such as money and age. She is not getting any younger. But Emi still believes that she is no ordinary person. She still believes in miracles. She is not going to change. Some day she will be transformed into someone really special. Depicting the dilemma, hope and fear that many women feel as they are about to turn thirty, this charming film features inspiring performances by the young cast.

Director: Chihiro Amano

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