• Feature Film Selection
  • 1 Sep. Tue. 16:00 Conference Room
  • Japan/2014/81min
  • Director: Yuno Sakamoto
  • Cast: Huko Sato, Rina Sato
  • Distribution: Theater KINO
Akane is in the third year of Kotoni Junior High School. One night she hears in her dream a call for help of her classmate Ai who was left bedridden by an accident. Akane then discovers that uncanny happenings are taking place in her town Kotoni. The terrible "adult virus" which turns every child mentally grownup while maintaining their childlike countenance is rapidly spreading. Akane starts to investigate and discovers that Toniko, the mascot character of Kotoni Town, is somewhat connected with what is happening. Will Akane be able to save her friend Ai? Who indeed is Toniko? Will there be a message that can only be delivered by boys and girls at an age where they are neither grownups nor children? Led by director Sakamoto and with help from adult professionals, a group of junior and senior high school students breathed life into this true-to-life coming-of-age film.