The Light Shines Only There

  • 3 Sep. Thur. 18:20 Conference Room
  • Japan/2014/120min
  • Director: Mipo O
  • Cast: Go Ayano, Chizuru Ikewaki
  • Award: Best Director at the Montreal World Film Festival in 2014
Since quitting his job, Tatsuo is aimlessly floating through life. One day he meets Takuji, a rough-mannered but friendly young man, who lives in a shack with his bedridden father, caregiving mother, and elder sister Chinatsu. Tatsuo and Chinatsu are inexplicably drawn to each other and finally start a relationship, but soon Tastuo is to learn devastating facts about her. Set in the port town of Hakodate, this heartbreaking love story is about lonely, young people who have nowhere to turn.