You my life

  • 5 Sep. Sat. 10:00 Conference Room
  • Japan/2015/60 min
  • Director: Yuri Nakamura, Noriyuki Mitsunaga
  • Cast: narrator: Misako Konno, voice of wife: Shinobu Kato, voice of husband: Osamu Mukai
  • Distribution: Pao Film Production
Although gravely afflicted with rheumatism, Tazuko Makitsubo lived a full life, always pursuing her dreams and ideals, and giving her films to the world. Her husband Noriyuki Mitsunaga supported all her activities with great respect for her talent. Looking back at the 41-year history of their marriage, this documentary tells of their eternal bond of love. Director Makitsubo was acclaimed during past AIWFFs with her works including "watashiga SuKi," "Roushin," and "Gifted Child."

Director: Noriyuki Mitsunaga

31 TOMONI director

Kaori Yoshida

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