Hiko and Vega

  • Feature Film Selection
  • 3 Sep. Thur. 13:00 Conference Room
  • Japan/2014/64 min
  • Director: Mio Taniguchi
  • Cast: Yusuke Kawazu, Chisako Hara
Asao Hiko lives alone with his wife "Koto." Since Koto becomes cognitively impaired, they call each other "Hiko" and "Vega" as in the old folktale, and they find happiness viewing starry skies together by the river. One day a young man named Kei Kikuna comes to them as the new caregiver for Koto. Once a wannabe photographer, Kei still toys with his mobile camera whenever he has time to spare. Koto somewhat takes to Kei's ways, but the change causes subtle discords in their quiet life together.