Kenji-kun no Haru

  • Feature Film Selection
  • 3 Sep. Thur. 15:10 Conference Room
  • Japan/2015/92 min
  • Director: Aki Morita
  • Cast: Junki Tozuka, Mana Kinjoh
The favorite phrase of Kenji Sawaguchi, age 23, is "Can I borrow your money?" He never lasts long even at part-time jobs, and spends his days borrowing money from friends and relations, causing trouble for his friend Shoichi and elder sister Haruka. One day he meets Ryoko, a female college student, in a park and falls in love with her at first sight. Still, with his ex-girlfriends coming to visit him at home all at once or people from illegal loan companies chasing after him, life is not without its terrible havocs. Can Kenji stay on top of everything? What about his romance with Ryoko?