Seppun Dorobo

  • Japan/1960/83min
  • Director: Yuzo Kawashima
  • Cast: Akira Takarada, Reiko Dan
  • Distribution: Toho Co., Ltd.
After a car accident and ensuing confusion which arise in the central part of Ginza, downtown Tokyo, Akira Takada, a light-class boxing champion, who is in a taxi, is photographed as he is giving water mouth-to-mouth to Mieko, a high-school girl who has fainted in another car. The photo shocks quite a few people and sends the tongues flying. Akira, known as the ladies' man, older women, and young and headstrong Mieko now find themselves in a whirlwind of romance and gossip. Along with a star-spangled cast of Akira Takada, Reiko Dan, Michiko Kusabue, and Michiyo Aratama, you may not want to miss Shintaro Ishihara in a cameo role in this smartly paced, sophisticated screwball comedy.