• Feature Film Selection
  • 抱养奇缘
  • 3 Sep. Thur. 10:00 Conference Room
  • China/2015/104 min
  • Director: Xiaoke Liu
  • Cast: Huimin Tao, Hongbo Jiang
Yuxing has been adopted from an orphanage by her foster mother when she was young. Under the latter's loving care, her life is happy. However, when the mother learns that she is afflicted with terminal cancer and does not have long to live, she puts Yuxing under the care of her elder sister. Set in the mountainous region of rural China, the film depicts the young girl's undaunted spirit in the face of life's adversities. She never lets the cruel ways of the foster aunt and bullying at school keep her down. The film is also a revealing study of human nature.