• Japan/1957/121min
  • Director: Mikio Naruse
  • Cast: Hideko Takamine, Ken Uehara
  • Distribution: Toho Co., Ltd.
Unloved by her real mother, young Oshima is brought up by a foster family in a suburban farm near Tokyo. She leaves the foster home when she is asked to marry someone she dislikes, and marries a young master of a canned food store in Kanda. She is divorced from the husband after his many affairs with other women and fights with herself. She then starts to work as a maid in an inn in a rural village in northeastern Japan, but, after an affair with its young master, returns to Tokyo. She remarries a craftsman she met at a tailor's, but it does not take long before the couple begin to have problems. Hideko Takamine is great in her role as a headstrong but affectionate heroine. Director Naruse has brilliantly brought to life the old Taisho-era Japan on the screen.