0.5 mm

  • 4 Sep. Fri. 12:40 Will Hall
  • Japan/2013/196min
  • Director: Momoko Ando
  • Cast: Sakura Ando, Akira Emoto, Toshio Sakata
  • Distribution: Ayapro. Inc
Sawa Yamagishi, who works as a caregiver, is unexpectedly asked by the daughter of a bedridden old man to "sleep with him so that he can go to Heaven with a happy memory." Sawa agrees to do so on condition that all she needs to do is to sleep beside the old man. She then finds herself in a sudden mishap and ends up losing her house and job. Now a "rambling caregiver," Sawa goes to new places, finds one old man with the past after another, visits them at home, cares for them, and connects with them. A hilarious and suspenseful study of society, this film is also noted for the powerful performance of Ando Sakura, who is a younger sister of director Ando.

Director: Momoko Ando

22 05mili director

Eiji Okuda

22 05mili okuda eiji