Mu Yu Ren

  • 1 Sep.(Sat.)13:30/Yatomi City
  • 2 Sep.(Sun.)13:00/Will Hall
  • 3 Sep.(Mon.)18:30/Conference Room

  • Japan Premiere The director is scheduled to visit.
  • China/2011/88min.
  • Director:Sha Li Qiong
  • Cast:Payin ,Yan Xian

Hass ,the hero of this film and a shepherd in Xinjiang autonomous region, receives a notice recommending them to move out to a town due to water shortage. He reluctantly leaves the mountain and starts to cultivate fish as his childen need school education and his sick wife needs treatments. But he fails. What is in store for Hass's family at the mercy of violently changing Chinese society ?

牧夫、魚を飼う 牧夫、魚を飼う