AIWFF2012 closed

Aichi International Women's Film Festival 2012 closed its nine-day event on 9 September.

Thank you for your support!

AIWFF2012 Short Film Awards

Bulletin!! AIWFF2012 Short Film Competition Award Winners



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"ship in a bottle" Actor:Kenji IWATANI (center)
"The Confession Of Figaro" Director:Chihiro AMANO(left)
"The spring festival" Director:Cao Jing(right)
Grand Prize:
ship in a bottle / Director:Mayumi KANETANI


Runner-up Prize:
The spring festival / Director:Cao Jing
The Confession Of Figaro / Director:Chihiro AMANO


We have screened 10 nominated films for 2 days, on 5th and 6th at AIWFF short film competition. AIWFF announces this year’s winning films for the Short Film Competition, Grand Prize and Runner-up prize as mentioned above.