Director:Lim Soon-rye

Kim Kyun-nee(left side)
Teruyo Teruyo
(Menber,Steering Committee)
Kim Kyun-nee (Producer)
Thank you very much for giving us this significant award. The winning of the Audience Award means that the audience love and enjoyed our film. "Forever the Moment" is the product of efforts of the director, actrors and many women. I would like to present this honor to Director Yim Soon-rye who devoted herself to the film, from writing scenario to filming, and wonderful actrors who never stopped acting, taking pain-killers in filming. Thank you very much.
Producer Kim Gyuni took the prize on behalf of Director Lim Soon-rye who returned Korea after showing this film due to her busy schedule.
Director:Hiko Yamamoto

Hiko Yamamoto(right side)
Otsuka Tsutomu
Hiko Yamamoto, Director
Thank you very much. I am surprised. Honestly speaking, I have never imagined that my work could be awarded among the 15 wonderful films. The local committee worked very hard on making this film, contributing their ideas. We are planning to have screenings of this film mainly at our hometown. I am truly encouraged. Thank you.

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