Film Competition Awards Results Announced!

The Film Competition Awards was announced at 17:30 on 8 Sep.

Feature Film Section

Golden Owl Award (Grand Prize)

“Danchi Woman”

Danchi Woman
  • Japan/2017/66min.
  • Director: Akiko Sugimoto
  • Cast: Shizu Uchikoshi, Residents of Seaside Road Danchi
Message from Akiko Sugimoto
This work is not only Japan premiere in AIWFF but also to watch it on screen for the first time to me. I am really happy to share such valuable opportunities with all of you, and to be able to get wonderful award! It took almost ten years to complete this film. In the meantime, so many people, including casts, the cinematographer, the editor, the producer and those who advice and support, helped making film. Although the upcoming screening is undecided, I hope to be able to deliver the positive energy of brave women in Seaside Road Danchi to as many audiences as possible through the screen.
Finally, I sincerely appreciate all of you, who came to the screening and also the staff of AIWFF.

Director: Akiko Sugimoto

Comment from AIWFF 2018 Director, Junji Kimata
Excellent work! The director spent a lot of time to making this film that faithfully depicts the lives of older women living in the Danchi.

Short Film Section

Golden Iris Award (Grand Prize)


  • Japan/2018/30min.
  • Director: Haruna Tanaka
  • Cast: Keigo Oka, Chihiro Kasahara
Message from Haruna Tanaka
Although I am not sure that everyone likes my film, I put my favorite things and hearts into this film. I got such an honorable prize because I had the power of casts and staff who loved my film and we made it together, I think that it was the only reason. The wonderful award encourages me and I would like to create works with such loving companies. I would like to thank again all of the judges who selected my work, those who supports the wonderful film festival, worked to make the film together and watched my work. Thank you very much!

Director: Haruna Tanaka

Comment from AIWFF 2018 Director, Junji Kimata
The atmosphere of the Taisho era is wonderful, and it’s brilliant, one person plays five roles. I was very surprised at this work.

Silver Iris Award (Runner-up Prize)

“On the Waitlist”

On the Waitlist
  • Taiwan/2017/27min.
  • Director: HUNG YI WU
  • Cast: Angel LEE, Chen Chen Ni

Director: HUNG YI WU

Director: HUNG YI WU

Comment from AIWFF 2018 Director, Junji Kimata
Casts are a talented player and another step player. It’s vibrant work with drawing the two main characters lively.

Audience Award

“The Flight of Midnight”

The Flight of Midnight
  • Japan/2018/25min.
  • Director: Minako Miyake
  • Cast: Maaya Masuda, Shoichi Sakurai

Director: Minako Miyake

Director: Minako Miyake

© Chiaki Oshima

Comment from AIWFF 2018 Director, Junji Kimata
Casts had a rehearsal steadily and contents are interesting. Especially the scene in the pub, we can sympathize the presence.


  • Toru Hattori: AIWFF 2018 Steering Committee (President, Aichi Cinema and Theater Association)
  • Junji Kimata: AIWFF 2018 Director (President-Manager, Cinema Skholé)
  • Kumi Sato: AIWFF 2018 Event Director (Professor, Kinjo Gakuin University)
  • Ayako Saito: AIWFF 2018 Coordinator (Professor, Meiji Gakuin University)
  • Shohreh Golparian: Producer
  • Kazunari Setta: Chairperson, Aichi Gender Equality Foundation

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