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Film Competition Awards Results Announced!

The Film Competition Awards was announced at 17:30 on 9 Sep.

Feature Film Section

Golden Owl Award(Grand Prize)

“Seven Sacks of Rice”
Director: Maricel Cariaga

  • “Seven Sacks of Rice”
  • Philippines / 2016 / 103 min.
  • Director: Maricel Cariaga
  • Cast: Alfonso Ynigo Delen, Sue Prado
Message from Maricel Cariaga
I am so happy to have represented my country in the recently concluded Aichi International Women’s Film Festival. To be awarded the grand prize which is the Golden Owl Award, I think is the first for the Philippines, and I am so honored to be that person and that film.
Giving importance and venue for women directors is truly a job well done by the AIWFF. Here, they not only empower women, but also give them a fair share of limelight. Women festivals are a good avenue to discuss certain causes and subject matters relating to women, not only in film, but in general. And I am so proud to have been a part of this endeavour towards equality.
Once again, thank you #AIWFF for the opportunity! I hope to join you again next year! Mabuhay!


Comment from AIWFF 2017 Director, Junji Kimata
For its objective portrayal based on film studies, showing love from parents to children as well as from children to parents, the award went to this tightly focused film.

Short Film Section

Golden Iris Award(Grand Prize)

“Teen Summer”
Director: Aki Fujiwara

  • “Teen Summer”
  • Japan, France / 2016 / 25 min.
  • Director: Aki Fujiwara
  • Cast: Hiro Tamada, BIN Mael
Message from Aki Fujiwara
Each participant on and behind the screen has contributed to achieving this documentary. We shared a common will to express Deaf’s capabilities in communicating beyond language barriers. The film has not covered all their talents. I’m glad if a part of them has been reached to a hart of audience. With all my grateful thanks to every participant in the film, I hope that it will continue to be delivered to other audience.


Comment from AIWFF Director, Junji Kimata
A Deaf teen communicated in Sign Languages overseas, so simple but I have not seen anything so amazing before. This is outstanding work in shedding light on a social challenge with a new perspective.

Silver Iris Award(Runner-up Prize)

“First Love”
Director: Ji-Sook Kang


  • “First Love”
  • Korea / 2016 / 29 min.
  • Director: Ji-Sook Kang
  • Cast: Hee-Ja Seo, Haeng-Sim Jeong


Comment from AIWFF Director, Junji Kimata
This film very carefully deals with a women couple friendship involving their family relationships. Very impressing is that a social problem in Korea is revealed despite the limited time, less than 30 mins.

Audience Award

“Teen Summer”
Director: Aki Fujiwara

  • “Teen Summer”
  • Japan, France / 2016 / 25 min.
  • Director: Aki Fujiwara
  • Cast: Hiro Tamada, BIN Mael


  • Toshihito Horibe:
    AIWFF 2017 Steering Committee(President, Aichi Cinema and Theater Association)
  • Junji Kimata:
    AIWFF 2017 Director (President-Manager, Cinema Skholé)
  • Kumi Sato:
    AIWFF 2017 Event Director (Professor, Kinjo Gakuin University)
  • Ayako Saito:
    AIWFF 2017 Coordinator (Professor, Meiji Gakuin University)
  • Shohreh Golparian:
  • Kazunari Setta:
    Chairperson, Aichi Gender Equality Foundation

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