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  • 6 Sep. Sat 17:40 Will Hall
  • USA/1958/128 min
  • Director: Alfred J. Hitchcock
  • Cast: James Stewart, Kim Novak
  • Distribution: Paramount Pictures
  • 1959 Academy Award, Nominated for Best Art Direction-Set Decoration and Best Sound

©1958 Alfred J. Hitchcock Productions, Inc & Paramount Pictures Corporation. All Rights Reserved.Restored Version ©1996 Leland H. Faust, Patricia Hitchcock O'Connell & Kathleen O'Connell Fiala, Trustees under the Alfred J. Hitchcock Trust. All Rights Reserved.

A masterful suspense film, Vertigo grew in popular and critical acclaim over the years and is now considered Hitchcock at his very best. Scottie, a retired police detective suffering from acrophobia caused by a traumatic event in the past, is hired to follow a friend's wife. Although he is puzzled by her strange behavior, he finds himself strongly and increasingly attracted to this beautiful woman. The film is also reputed for its innovative camera work known as "Vertigo effect," which is most famously used in the staircase shot leading up to the church bell tower and enhances the expression of complexities felt by the main characters. While Scottie falls possessively and selfishly in love with the femme fatale superbly portrayed by Kim Novak, the heroine, also in love, is tormented by her own dark secret. This classic mystery film is also a story of tragic and passionate love.

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