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Aichi International Women’s Film Festival 2014 Outline

Name of the Event: Aichi International Women’s Film Festival 2014

Organized by: Aichi Gender Equality Foundation / Aichi International Women’s Film Festival 2014 Steering Committee

Aichi International Women’s Film Festival Steering Committee

  • Senior Member: Shozo Shimada (Artist)
  • Members:
    Teruyo Nogami (Former Production Manager, Kurosawa Production),
    Toshihito Horibe (President, Aichi Cinema and Theater Association),
    Toru Hattori(Vice-president, Aichi Cinema and Theater Association)
  • Director: Junji Kimata (President-Manager, Cinema Skholé)
  • Coordinator: Ayako Saito (Professor of the School of Literature, Meiji Gakuin University)
  • Event Director: Kumi Sato (Professor of the College of Faculty of Global and Media Studies, Kinjo Gakuin University)

Co-organized by: Yatomi City

Dates: Wed. September 3 - Sun. September 7, 2014


  • Main Theater: Will Aichi (Aichi Prefectural Women’s Center)
    1 Kamitatesugino-cho, Higashi-ku, Nagoya, Aichi, 461-0016 JAPAN
  • Theater in Co-organized City: Integrated Social Education Center
    802-20 Nokata, Maegasu-cho, Yatomi-city, Aichi, 498-0017 JAPAN

Objective: To support the advancement of women in society and to promote international exchange between women, we show works of female directors and invite world-famous female artists in the film world as well as hold discussions, symposiums, and seminars which will provide opportunities for participants to exchange their opinions.

Event Information

  • Have the 19th edition in 2014 (the 1st edition dates back to 1996)
  • Select mainly films of female directors from all over the world
  • Hold various events for communication between artists and audience
  • Hold seminars or symposiums related to presented films for the sake of the advancement of women in society
  • Provide a voice guide for spectators with a visual disability in cooperation with some NPOs (2003-)
  • Have a competition of designing posters and fliers (2012-)
  • Have a short film competition for female artists (2012-)
  • Show several companies’ films focused on the advancement of women in their office (2014-)

Tel: +81-52-962-2520 Fax: +81-52-962-2477