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The Secret of Bus Tour Guide

  • 6 Sep. (Sat) 13:30 Integrated Social Education Center, Yatomi City
  • 7 Sep. (Sun) 10:00 Will Hall
  • Aichi Premiere
  • Japan/2014/90 min.
  • Director: Shiho Kozai
  • Cast: Natsuna、Yuta Hiraoka、Keiko Toda
  • Distribution: T-JOY

Midori Yamabuki,who is a bus tour guide, is a daughter of a former singer and has a serious concern ? she can't carry a tune. She starts going out with a son of a family who runs a major acoustic system manufacture, but his mother who has the world's most perfect pitch says she will never agree to their marriage unless Midori overcomes her tone deafness. Midori takes an intensive training from a music producer who is her childhood friend, and unexpectedly, she is going to start a music unit with her bus tour guide associates. “The Secret of Bus Tour Guide” is an exhilarating romantic comedy full of attractive features of Kagawa Prefecture where Shiho Kozai, Director and Katsuyuki Motohiro, Producer grew up.

Director: Shiho Kozai