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Teenage Ennui

  • 4 Sep. (Thu.) 15:40 Will Hall
  • Aitch Premiere
  • Japan/2014/102 min
  • Director: Chihiro Amano, Ai Nagura, Akiko Ooku
  • Cast: Honoka Miki、Sumire Sato (SKE48)、Mayu Matsuoka
  • Distribution: Project DAWN, inc.

“Teenage Ennui” is an omnibus film of three teenage dramas directed by three emerging female directors, based on Run Igarashi’s “World Gaze Clips” comic serialized in a popular monthly magazine. This film depicts a story of “teenage Girls’ Love” of high-school girls living in an ambiguous moment towards a school festival to be held only by third-year students at a soon-to-be-closed high school.

Director: Chihiro Amano


Director: Ai Nagura


Director: Akiko Ooku