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Maddened by his Absence

  • J'enrage de son absence
  • 5 Sep. Fri. 18:40 Conference Room
  • 7 Sep. Fri 10:00 Conference Room
  • Aichi Premiere
  • Belgium, France, Luxembourg/2012/98min
  • Director: Sandrine Bonnaire
  • Cast: William Hurt, Alexandra Lamy
  • Special Thanks: Alliance Francaise Association France Aichi
  • 2012 Cannes International Film Festival, the International Critics' Week Special Screening

Ten years since the loss of their child and ensuing divorce from Jacques, Mado is now remarried and has a son called Paul. One day Jacques reappears and he becomes increasingly close to Paul. While Mado has moved on, Jacques is still haunted by the ghost of his past. The meeting with Paul means a great deal to him. As the man and boy become closer, Mado’s confusion grows and she eventually forbids Paul to see Jacques. Following the documentary, Her Name is Sabine (Elle s’appelle Sabine), (’07) about her autistic sister, this is the second film by actress Sandrine Bonnaire, who is known for her numerous film roles. William Hurt, who was a real-life partner of Bonnaire, is cast in the starring role.

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