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Inbetween Worlds

  • Zwischen Welten
  • 3 Sep. Wed. 10:00 Will Hall
  • Japan Premiere
  • Germany/2014/103min
  • Director: Feo Aladag
  • Cast: Ronald Zehrfeld, Mohamad Mohsen
  • Distribution: AYA PRO
  • 2014 Berlin International Film Festival, Nominated for Golden Berlin Bear

Despite the fact that his brother was killed on an ISAF mission in Afghanistan, Jesper decides to join the same, and his squad is assigned to protect a village from Islamic insurgency movement Taliban. With the help of the local interpreter Tarik, he mediates between the other German soldiers and the villagers, but conflicts abound due to the differing cultures and lifestyles between the two worlds. When lives of Tarik and his younger sister are threatened, Jesper, torn between his military duties and his own conscience, is driven to act. The Austria-born director Feo Aladag actually shot the film primarily on location in war-torn Afghanistan. The amazing skills of the woman cinematographer Judith Kaufmann also adds to the gripping realism of the film.

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Director: Feo Aladag