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The Connecting Bridge

  • 5 Sep. (Fri.) 17:00 Will Hall
  • Japan/2013/74 min.
  • Director: Ayako Imamura
  • Cast: Shoji Koizumi -Miyagi Prefecture Deaf Association, Kazuhiro Kojima (Narration)
  • -invited film: 2013 CINEDEAF - Festival Internazionale del Cinema Sordo di Roma
  • -Nippon Visions Jury Award and Nippon Visions Audience Award: Japanisches Filmfestival Frankfurt am Main

It was not just deaf people who were at a disadvantage, visually-impaired people as well, and people with other physical impairments, and people from other countries who did not have sufficient ability in Japanese, all of these people became information-impaired during the time of the disaster. It is of course usually taken for granted that disaster-related information should be communicated quickly and correctly to everyone. In order to accomplish that objective, however, we first must know and understand the various conditions under which the people in our society are living. This film focuses on the precious lives of various individuals, their fate, and the vital connections that they possess.
These people have something like bridges that connect their hearts. No matter how far away these people may be from each other, no matter how different their situations may be, from heart to heart, the belief that there are rainbow-like bridges, connecting the hearts of all of these people, is what gave birth to this documentary.
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Director: Ayako Imamura