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I Will Be With You ! -Director in a Wheelchair Filming Autistic Children-

  • 6 Sep. (Sat.) 10:00 Conference Room
  • Aichi Premiere
  • Japan/2014/75 min
  • Director: Hiroko Tokonami
  • Cast: Tazuko Makitsubo (Film director)

"I Will Be With You ! -Director in a Wheelchair Filming Autistic Children-" is a documentary following the process of making "Gifted Child", which is the last work of Tazuko Makitsubo, a film director in a wheelchair. "Gifted Child" is also a documentary film about children with autism, carrying a strong message of the late director Makitsubo; Early detection, early treatment, and support from people around, for people with this condition. Director Tokonami created this new film to follow Makitsubo’s wishes, and tries to make autism widely known through the process of recording the work of Makitsubo.

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Director: Hiroko Tokonami