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Living With Feral Cats

  • 5 Sep. (Fri.) 10:00 Will Hall
  • Aichi Premiere
  • Japan/2014/91 min
  • Director: Etsuko Izumi
  • Cast: Etsuko Izumi (Narrator), Yasushi Kurosawa
  • Distribution: Tess Planning Ltd.

"Living With Feral Cats" is a documentary on regional environmental issues, focusing on feral cats. The story begins with Director’s daughter bringing home an abandoned newborn kitten. Etsuko, the Director, rescues feral cats which came into her garden one after another and starts living with four cats. This documentary is based on the growth record of her cats and also follows activities of government facilities related to feral cats, activities of volunteer groups, and utmost efforts of veterinarians. Furthermore, she flies to Oregon, U.S.A and Berlin, Germany to visit animal shelters.

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Director: Etsuko Izumi