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Everyday is Alzheimer's 2 The Filmmaker goes to Britain

  • 3 Sep. (Wed.) 13:30 Will Hall
  • Aichi Premiere
  • Japan/2014/51 min.
  • Director: Yuka Sekiguchi
  • Cast: Hiroko Sekiguchi, Yuka Sekiguchi
  • Distribution in Japan: SIGLO, Ltd.

"Everyday is Alzheimer's", the amazing "ongoing" documentary, is back for the first time in two years! Hiroko, Director’s mother who has lived with dementia for three years, starts going to a day care service. Hiroko is now in the second stage of dementia. Yuka, being worried about care of her mother, finds a new nursing care system called "person-centered care" in the U.K., which is an approach to care that respects a person with dementia as an individual and treats the individuals with dignity. Yuka decides to go to the U.K. to visit the cutting-edge nursing care center to learn how the new care works.

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Director: Yuka Sekiguchi