AIWFF 2024 Film Competition Call for Entries


■ Section

  • ・Animation (any animation technique)
  • ・Fiction
  • ・Documentary

■ Eligibility

Films submitted to the Competition must meet all the following conditions.
All themes are welcome, regardless of age or professional background.
  • ・Films directed by women
  • ・Original films running less than 30 minutes including the end credits
    ※ Please note the time is shorter than last year’s.
  • ・Films completed after January 1st, 2023
  • ・Films must not have been broadcasted on television etc. in Japan prior to September 8th, 2024.
  • ・Films must not have been released to the public on any online platforms including YouTube.

■ Selections and Announcement

Films will be selected by mutual consent in our preliminary review board.
First-stage selection:
The pre-selected films will be shortlisted for screening at AIWFF 2024. The finalists will be notified via e-mail by July 2024. The list of the selected films will be announced on the festival website.
Final-stage selection:
After the screening of all the nominated films during AIWFF 2024, ‘Grand Prize’ will be selected by AIWFF committee, also ‘Audience Award’ will be given to a film earned the highest points from audience voting.
Winners will be revealed on the festival website and commended during the festival.

■ Awards

Grand Prize for one film in each section with cash prize of JPY 200,000
Audience Award for one film in each section with cash prize of JPY 30,000


Complete and submit the online Entry Form on our official website. Films must be submitted by either of the following:
  • ・Online screener link
    *No downloads will be accepted.
    *The link must remain accessible until the end of June 2024 and for the nominated films, until 8th September 2024.
    *Films which have been open to the general public are not eligible.
  • ・DVD (NTSC, region-free, without copy protection) by post to the following address.
    * DVD submissions must be clearly labeled with film title and director’s name.
  • [Address]
    Aichi International Women’s Film Festival Office
    Aichi Gender Equality Foundation
    1 Kamitatesugino-cho, Higashi-ku, Nagoya, Aichi, 461-0016, JAPAN

    ■ Deadline

    Entry Forms and films must reach the Festival Office by the following date:
    Saturday, April 20th, 2024

    ■ Entry Requirements

    • ・No entry fee.
    • ・Submitted DVDs will not be returned.
    • ・AIWFF takes no responsibility in case of any accidental damage or loss of submitted DVDs.
    • ・Any of following materials is eligible as screening materials for the nominated films. The display resolution must be 1920 x 1080 pixels.
    • ・DVD (NTSC, region-free)
    • ・Blu-ray (NTSC, region-free)
    • ・Downloadable MP4 video file
    • ・Include a list of awards received at any other film festivals etc. in the online Entry Form, if any.
    • ・For non-Japanese language films, Japanese subtitles or English subtitles are required. Finalists will be also required to submit the script in original-language and in English with time code for Japanese subtitles.
    • ・Applicants are responsible for all necessary copyright clearances for their films. AIWFF is not responsible for any claims regarding copyright infringement from other parties.
    • ・AIWFF may make a copy of submitted films for review and screening.
    • ・AIWFF may rescind the nomination and request a refund of the prize money, in cases where the applicant has made a false statement regarding any of the matters mentioned in the entry form.
    • ・AIWFF may screen each nominated film up to two times during the festival.
    • ・AIWFF may use stills and excerpts from the nominated films for promotion on the AIWFF official website, leaflet, guidebook and other media including SNS, newspapers, magazines and TV.
    • ・The nominated films for the AIWFF competition may not be withdrawn from the festival.
    • ・The nominated films may provide the screening for free in response to a request from other film festivals in partnership with AIWFF.
    [Handling of Personal Information]
    The applicants’ personal information shall be used only for the purpose of running this AIWFF competition, and shall not be used for other activities without the applicants’ consent. However, AIWFF may announce the director’s name, age, occupation/school, and the city/town/village of residence regarding the nominated films.



AIWFF Office

+81 52 962 2520

* Closes on Mondays (Also closes on Tue. when a national holiday falls on Monday)

Aichi International Women's Film Festival Executive Committee Secretariat c/o
Aichi Gender Equality Foundation 1 Kamitatesugino-cho, Higashi-ku, Nagoya, Aichi, 461-0016, JAPAN