Nagasaki: Memories of My Son

  • 11 Sep. Sun. 10:00 Will Hall
  • Drama
  • Japan / 2015 / 130 min.
  • Director: Yoji Yamada
  • Cast: Sayuri Yoshinaga, Kazunari Ninomiya
  • Distribution: Shochiku
  • Nominated for the Japan Academy Prize for Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role

“Mother, you wouldn’t let me go so I had a hard time getting here, but I’ve finally made it.” August 9th, 1948, Nobuko, a midwife in Nagasaki, is stunned when she is suddenly visited by her son Koji, who she thought had died three years ago when an atomic bomb fell on the city. That same day, she had stood before his grave and told herself: “In that instant, he was gone. It’s time to let him go…”