SHORT FILM: 10 nominees + 1 special screening

  • 9 Sep. Fri. 13:00 Conference Room


Follow your heart

  • Drama
  • Japan / 2016 / 29 min.
  • Director: Asako Wakana
  • Cast: Hideki Matsuoka, Yuko Mori

A third-year high school student Shota, who lives with his mother after his parents’ divorce, is studying hard with the aim of becoming a doctor. One summer day, he meets again his father who is a musician. This encounter reminds him of his curiosity which has long been forgotten.



  • Animation
  • France / 2015 / 5 min.
  • Director: Elodie Ponçon

Souls of a white world create light until one of them becomes faulty.



  • Documentary
  • Philippines, Japan / 2015 / 29 min.
  • Director: Baby Ruth Villarama
  • Distribution: Oriental Contents Guild LLC

Hong Kong is home to more than 190,000 Filipino domestic helpers. A working couple hire one to prepare meals and take their child to school. Another house helper looks after an old man who lives alone. For these and many other reasons, Filipino house helpers are in demand in Hong Kong. On Sundays, the house helpers congregate in a square in Hong Kong Island’s Central District. Here, they reminisce about their families back home. A beauty contest is held each June to celebrate Philippine Independence Day. The ladies dress up in their finest as they try to take the crown and live their most precious dream – to be free.



  • Animation
  • Japan / 2016 / 11 min.
  • Director: Madoka
  • Voice: Erika Sugiyama, Miyo Sato

“Follow the rules of heels. That’s the secret joy of women.”
Combining drawings and three-dimensional computer graphics, this animation film depicts the secret joys of four women, each centering around the heels of women’s shoes.



  • Drama
  • Korea / 2015 / 27 min.
  • Director: Hyo-jeong KIM
  • Cast: Gyeong-eop JANG, Su-bin CHAE

A boy is born in a lone and dark tunnel in the midnight on the 1st of January 2000. Now he becomes a schoolboy and puts up with bullying. Having lost his mother, he lives alone in an empty apartment raising a mantis. All he wants is to communicate with a girl he likes secretly. Then his arm suddenly transforms into a sickle.


The silence of Eunhye

  • Drama
  • Korea / 2015 / 14 min.
  • Director: MAE HWA PARK
  • Cast: Jiwon Choi, Seungwon Ha

Eunhye hates sympathetic gaze and fake kindness from neighbors. But most of all she hates her mother’s smile.


From bottom of the vortex

  • Drama
  • Japan / 2015 / 27 min.
  • Director: Kozue Nomoto
  • Cast: Sayaka Hashimoto, Izumi Okamura

Seeing no future for her own lesbianism, Kiko decides to give up on unrequited love for her best friend and return home. However, when the best friend turns up with her boyfriend, Kiko feels provoked and her passion gets rekindled.



  • Drama
  • Japan / 2016 / 30 min.
  • Director: Mika Abe
  • Cast: Hitomi Tsukikage, Masashi Oka

Mariko is a popular radio disc jockey. She has lived with younger actor Jinnosuke for a year. Mariko feels most refreshed when she drinks and watches him work skillfully in the kitchen. But their life together goes through a gradual change as one season follows another.


Double eyes

  • Animation
  • Japan / 2015 / 5 min.
  • Director: Mizuki Kiyama

We are made up of two symmetrical parts: the left and the right. Not only our body but also our mentality, which is intrinsically associated with our growth, consists of twin elements like instinct and intellect, or the objective and subjective. These dual qualities make up a whole person. This humorous animation film is about this fact, which is often taken for granted but is actually quite strange when we come to think of it.



family fireside

  • Drama
  • Japan / 2015 / 18 min.
  • Director: Shiori Nukumi
  • Cast: Mari Yasukawa, Yoshiki Yamamoto

One day, Tomoe’s mom says: “I quit being your mom.” On the next day, her mom actually graduates from being a mother and starts thinking of getting married. As Tomoe struggles with her non-ordinary family, she contemplates what a family is and what being a part of a family means to her.

Special Screening

Fall Seven Times, Get Up Eight: The Japanese War Brides

  • Documentary
  • USA / 2015 / 26 min.
  • Director: Lucy Craft, Kathryn Tolbert, Karen Kasmauski
  • Cast: Craft – Tolbert – Kasmauski

Three women – all firstborn daughters of Japanese war brides – recall their mothers’ lives in 1950s America. These were the brides young GIs brought home from an enemy nation. By at least one estimate, nearly 50,000 Japanese women crossed the Pacific as wives of American men between the end of WWII and the close of the 1950s… an unprecedented, heretofore unthinkable migration of Asian women to US shores and yet an event that has been largely overlooked. Drawing on personal anecdotes we paint a portrait of the war bride saga that is in equal measure triumph, humor and sadness.

  • ニューヨーク・ジャパン・シネフェスト(New York Japan CineFest)は、当財団と連携するアメリカの映画祭です。