The Kid From The Big Apple / 我來自纽约

  • 8 Sep. Thu. 16:10 Will Hall
  • Drama
  • Malaysia / 2016 / 120 min.
  • Director: Jess Teong (張爵西)
  • Cast: Tommy Tam (狄龍), Sarah Tan (陳沁霖)
  • Screening Supported by the Osaka Asian Film Festival

Eleven-year-old Sarah was born and raised in New York City. As Sarah’s mother has to relocate to China for a few months on a work assignment, she has no choice but to turn on her estranged father back in Malaysia for help in looking after her daughter for these few months. To begin with, Sarah feels isolated and lonely in this strange, new place. Living in one of the group apartments with her grandfather, initially Sarah hides her insecurities underneath a cloak of bravado and treats her new neighbours as though they are truly beneath her. Influence from a group of friendly neighbours around her age and a period of time living under the same roof as her grandfather, slowly open Sarah’s heart to the “strangers” she finds around her.