Murmur of the Hearts / 念念

  • 7 Sep. Wed. 18:00 Will Hall
  • Drama
  • Taiwan, Hong Kong / 2015 / 119 min.
  • Director: Sylvia Chang (張艾嘉)
  • Cast: Isabella Leong (梁洛施), Hsiao-Chuan Chang (張孝全)
  • Screening Supported by TOKYO FIlMeX

Nan and Mei are brother and sister growing up on the beautiful Green Island, off the shore of the port city of Taitung in Taiwan, and often to their mother’s fairytales of mermaids and angels. But soon their parents separated. Mei goes to Taipei with her mother, while Nan stays on Green Island with his father. Nan grows up to become a local tour guide on the Island. Mei lives in Taipei as a teacher of art. Mei’s boyfriend, Hsiang, is a boxer whose career is almost finished. One day, Nan, after confronting his father’s death and now living a seemingly solitary and quiet life, decides to go look for his sister.